Silk and More

ABOUT ME Borody Krisztina In the early 90s, I met silk at a workshop in Germany. I painted here for the first time and since then, every time I work with it, it enchants me. I love how it transforms under my hand into a carrier of a thought. He is humble because he accepts the paint, but at the same time he deserves respect because he decides what to return from the invested energy. The basis is the knowledge I acquired in the Small Kindergarten under the guidance of textile artist Éva Rónai. But it took many years of work and a high level of technical knowledge to make what I imagined appear on silk today. Each scarf is unique and unrepeatable. I create freehand from quality materials. I enjoy getting paint stains on my hands. Ancient material - modern design My scarves are inspired by the world around me. Feelings and moods are transformed into colors and shapes. I adapt to the current trends in my own way. I design themes that emphasize silk and that emphasize silk. Bright intense colors, contrasts, and playfulness are the trademarks of my shawls. The harmony of pattern and material reinforce each other and give the wearer a feeling of luxury. The surplus inherent in my work comes from the fact that any outfit can be complemented by a well-chosen silk&more scarf. It can be worn and varied in a thousand ways, be it casual, elegant or sporty. Who do I recommend my shawls to? For women who want to stand out from the crowd with a spectacular, modern accessory, but who demand and respect eternal values ​​and elegant materials. And for those Men who would gift their beloved Woman with all this. Working with silk fills my life. Ten years ago, silk&more was born, which is now well-known. My silk scarves can be found in various art stores and also at the most famous art fairs. They were sent all over the world as protocol gifts.