"V as Vengru, V as variable" The uniqueness of our bags is their high degree of variability. The strap and handle of each bag can be changed and adjusted, several different straps can be attached to one bag. By varying the different colors and patterns, completely unique compositions can be put together, and the possibilities are only limited by the creativity of the customers. The pieces of the Play modular collection are characterized by the fact that they can be combined with each other: the basic bags (backpack, shopper, etc.) can be assembled as desired into smaller so-called with panel bags that can be attached to the front of the basic bags with zippers. The panel bag thus functions on the one hand as a separate pocket, and on the other hand, it changes the look of the basic bag and new, exciting shapes and color combinations can be created. The multifunctionality of the bags is shown by the fact that the panel bag can be worn separately as a mini backpack, belt bag, small shoulder bag or even without a strap as a handbag. The 3D bag designer available on the brand's website helps customers realize their creative ideas, with the help of which the customer can adapt the bags of the Play modular collection to their own style, and thus design a unique bag that you will definitely not come across on the street. In addition to our now iconic modular leather bags, which can be combined with each other, the brand's range also includes leather bags with a unique design that cannot be combined with panel bags "GEM collection", canvas bags "V3 collection", as well as accessories - belts, wallets, glasses cases, bracelets, key holders, watch straps, small and earphone holders - too. With the introduction of alpaca scarves, we also opened up to a new direction: clothing products.